Anti-Racism And Beloved Community

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Mid-South and Shelby County’s growing movement to build communities that work against racism, while fostering inclusivity, justice, and love.

Our Values

Guided by these principles, we are striving for a brighter, more inclusive future.


In a world valuing racial diversity, all cultures are celebrated, and differences unite us, creating a globally connected community.


A world free from racial division and the destructive effects of systemic racism.


A world where everyone enjoys economic and social equality, not just those labeled as “white.”

Beloved Community

Building a community based on justice, equal opportunity, and love of one’s fellow human beings.

Building a Beloved Community

Putting Action Behind Faith

We’re on a mission to build a beloved community that cherishes unity, liberation, and equality. To achieve this, we’ve developed a 12 to 15-week curriculum. Throughout this period, participants engage in self-reflection on their roles, tackling challenges, and pursuing justice. Sign up to join us as a participant, host, or instructor.

It All Starts with You

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The Why in Our Story

Vincent Harding, a civil rights leader and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speechwriter, championed the idea that we can become “live human signposts” of love and justice. Inspired by this vision, Autura Eason-Williams, deeply rooted in the United Methodist Church, partnered with Larry Chitwood to launch “Signposts” within the Tennessee West Kentucky Annual Conference. Their aim was to cultivate leaders and congregations dedicated to anti-racism, promoting a world of diversity, equity, and justice.

Empowering Discipleship for an Antiracist, Anti-Oppressive Community


Signposts offers transformative discipleship curriculum, retreats, pilgrimages, and online dialogue.

Thoughts From Our Participants 

“The Signposts experience bonded us as a Cabinet team. We were strengthened in our commitment to pursue and uphold the beloved community of God as a way of serving together.  This has a profound impact on our decision-making as we routinely ask, “Is this decision living into the beloved community God is creating on earth?” ”

Vona Wilson

“I witnessed the Signposts curriculum empower positional leaders to go deeper in their personal discipleship journey through exploring anti-racism. The accountability of the curriculum and design of the small group fostered an environment of grace and expectation. I experienced personal growth in a group where this has not been accomplished in the past and it was due to vulnerability that Signposts fostered. I have now witnessed direct results in different decision-making because of the leaders’ experience and growth through Signposts.”
Melinda Britt

“The district lead team with whom I work takes the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) each year to help us understand where we are as a team, especially since we welcome new team members on a regular basis. This year the IDI was administered after the Cabinet completed Signposts, and my scores showed significant changes that I attribute to the work we did through Signposts. I have also found myself more uncomfortable in society because of the discussions, readings, and internal work accomplished during Signposts – thank you!”

Pat Freudenthal

“Signpost is an amazing, abundant, grace-filled ministry of justice and reconciliation that searches the deep things of the heart of which no one is immune.
It explores the hidden and the subtle; the obvious and blatant for introspection and discernment to see love, grace, and forgiveness through the eyes of Jesus. Signpost is a blessing.”

Cynthia Davis

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