Our Mission

Signposts provides a transformative discipleship curriculum, complemented by retreats, pilgrimages, and online discussions.

In intimate group settings, our curriculum encourages participants to share their personal narratives about racial identity and experiences. Simultaneously, we gain insight into society and the church’s reactions, or lack thereof, to systemic racism. We’re inspired to take proactive roles in this sacred mission in our unique settings.

This engagement can happen face-to-face or via social media platforms.

By deliberately embracing God’s light in our personal struggles, we aim not only to become beacons of God’s light but also to encourage others to shine brightly within families, communities, churhces, and the broader culture.

Our Values

Guided by these principles, we strive for a brighter, more inclusive future.


In a world valuing racial diversity, all cultures are celebrated, and differences unite us, creating a globally connected community.


A world free from racial strife and the damage of systemic racism.


A world where everyone enjoys economic and social equality, not just those labeled as “white.”

Beloved Community

Building a community based on justice, equal opportunity, and love of one’s fellow human beings.

Our Purpose

Signposts is a community dedicated to realizing God’s vision of an anti-racist and anti-oppressive world.

We aim to cultivate a Beloved Community where love, justice, and equity thrive for everyone.